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Little dragon puppet - big fun!

image from www.treehousepuppets.com

Bring this dragon puppet into any adventure or story for some fiery fun.  Mouth is operated via opening in the back of the head and you can manipulate the tongue/fire breath as well.  

Size:   20" tall when sitting.
         From head to tail the puppet is approximately 30" tall.

Our price: $34.99



Well he looks like a Purple Monster Puppet to me....

image from www.treehousepuppets.com 
"Purp" is as fun to play with as he is purple!  Seriously can you imagine not having loads of fun with a fuzzy purple monster puppet?   I don't think so.  Comes with detachable arm rod that can be used on either hand.

Size:  30"

Our price:  $39.99

Orange Monster Puppet - It's not just for breakfast anymore

image from www.treehousepuppets.com 
Orange you glad you picked this funny monster puppet to play with?   This fun and fuzzy friend comes with a detachable arm rod that can be used on either hand.

Size:  30"

Our price:  $39.99

This Monster Puppet is serious about "Going Green"

image from www.treehousepuppets.com 
It's not easy, being green - well unless you're a monster!  This funny fuzzy friend comes with detachable arm rod that can be used on either hand.

Size: 30"

Our price:  $39.99


Goofy Dragon Puppet is easy to tame

image from www.treehousepuppets.com
Smoulder is a dragon who is more fun than fierce.  He'd rather play with the knights and give the princess a ride. He is certain to spark the imagination and give flight to fun fantasy.  Moveable mouth and comes with detachable wooden arm rod that can work in either hand.

Size:  15" tall

Our price: $19.99

Magnificent Jumbo Dragon Puppet!

image from www.treehousepuppets.com

This jumbo dragon puppet is simply fantastic!  He is stunning to look at and easy to use. This awesome dragon works well as either puppet or plush. You can manipulate head, mouth, firebreath/tongue and arms and tail (with free hand externally).  

Size:  32" tall sitting and 52" from nose to tail!

Our price is $79.99

Tree House Puppets is the purveyor of fine Puppets and Marionettes. We offer the best puppets and marionettes available on the market today. We carry huge selections and have a real showroom for better understanding of each puppet. This makes Tree House Puppets unique because we play with most of the models we sell, so we understand movements and features of each puppet model. We offer great high quality puppets for churches, doctors, teachers, nurses, and other educational environments.

We can ship your puppet to most areas of the United States quickly and adorably. Call our office with any questions at 727.397.2446.

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