Puppets and Marionettes at Treehouse Puppets


About Us


The goal of Treehouse Puppets & Treasures is to create a place of imagination and wonder for all ages. A place of whimsy and delight. We want everyone who visits us to smile when they walk in and know this is a Happy Place to Be.

To that end we will continue to experiment and expand our selection of puppets, toys, games, etc. to find the best mix. Whether you are a frugal shopper or fanciful artist you can find something at our store. We are always on the lookout for those fun, unique items that are hard to find, so let us know if you come across anything.

Suggestions and feedback are always welcome. It enables us to better serve you, and that’s what it’s all about.


Tree House Puppets is the purveyor of fine Puppets and Marionettes. We offer the best puppets and marionettes available on the market today. We carry huge selections and have a real showroom for better understanding of each puppet. This makes Tree House Puppets unique because we play with most of the models we sell, so we understand movements and features of each puppet model. We offer great high quality puppets for churches, doctors, teachers, nurses, and other educational environments.

We can ship your puppet to most areas of the United States quickly and adorably. Call our office with any questions at 727.397.2446.
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