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Magnificent Jumbo Dragon Puppet!

image from www.treehousepuppets.com

This jumbo dragon puppet is simply fantastic!  He is stunning to look at and easy to use. This awesome dragon works well as either puppet or plush. You can manipulate head, mouth, firebreath/tongue and arms and tail (with free hand externally).  

Size:  32" tall sitting and 52" from nose to tail!

Our price is $79.99


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Thrilled to find a puppet store at John's Pass. We are living in Ky now and will be moving to the Seminole area in the near future.
We have a puppet ministry here that we hope to carry on once we get to Florida. Puppets are my passion, so I will definetly visit your store. I have many puppets both regular and black light. I am looking forward to meeting you.

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We can ship your puppet to most areas of the United States quickly and adorably. Call our office with any questions at 727.397.2446.
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We have specialized in a carrying a large variety of Puppets and Marionettes. It is amazing how the old technology devices can spark the imagination of the current generations. When children put down their electronics and sit and focus on your puppet or marionette show, it is a great time to teach, share and enjoy.

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