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Puppets and Marionettes are King!

Treehouse Puppets and Marionettes


At Treehouse Puppets we make sure every puppet meets our quality criteria before we offer it to our customers. Our puppets are judged by appearance, quality of workmanship and functionality. Each puppet is play tested to make sure all the parts work the way they are supposed to. The goal of Treehouse Puppets is to do everything we can to make sure your experience with us, either at our store or online, is a pleasant one. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.


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Just wanted to let you know that we were in there in February and bought two of the puppets (green monster and fuzzy flamingo) and we love them. We had a blast visiting your store and got many compliments on our puppets. We took them to a party while we were there and I believe that many of the people their even came and bought puppets for their kids and grandkids. Can't wait to see what you have next February!!!

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Tree House Puppets is the purveyor of fine Puppets and Marionettes. We offer the best puppets and marionettes available on the market today. We carry huge selections and have a real showroom for better understanding of each puppet. This makes Tree House Puppets unique because we play with most of the models we sell, so we understand movements and features of each puppet model. We offer great high quality puppets for churches, doctors, teachers, nurses, and other educational environments.

We can ship your puppet to most areas of the United States quickly and adorably. Call our office with any questions at 727.397.2446.
Tree House Puppets is dedicated to be the best purveyor of all types of exciting and innovative puppets and marionettes. We carry a wide assortment of Animal Puppets, People Puppets, Glove Puppets, Full Body puppets, Half Body Puppets and  Magical Puppets. We also carry puppets that fall into fairy tales, professions, occupations, story-telling, creature, dragons, hero, soldier, teaching, teacher, and role models. Many of our puppets are handcrafted from small puppet manufacturers using top quality components and creative designs. Movement and action can be the key to reality for any puppet or marionette, at TreeHousePuppets.com we focus on puppets that will help you tell your story. We will often take new puppets and feature them in our online puppet shows and demonstrations. We have a wealth of information on care, maintenance and repair of puppets, so check out our web articles or call our puppet showroom with any questions.

We have specialized in a carrying a large variety of Puppets and Marionettes. It is amazing how the old technology devices can spark the imagination of the current generations. When children put down their electronics and sit and focus on your puppet or marionette show, it is a great time to teach, share and enjoy.

Treehouse Puppets & Treasures, Inc.
in John's Pass Village
12975 Village Blvd. Madeira Beach, FL 33708 | 727.397.2446: p | 727.397.5425: f

For questions or information about our store or products, please contact us at deron@treehousepuppets.com.

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